Growth hack

Hello all, this is a good way to keep you among the ongoing fun on twitter. If you are having issues in building your page like other influencers with over 20k followers, and it makes you feel left behind, because you are not satisfied with your impressions and the number of people following you on twitter, we are here to wipe out your tears with our growth hack package specially designed for people on their journey to becoming twitter influencers. This a big investment for you, don’t think you are loosing money because you will get the rewards in thousand folds when brands starts looking for you to promote their goods and services.

To cut the story short and move forward to what we have for you and how you will benefit in the coming future. In the space of six months you should be sure of over 10k followers and by then you won’t be bored anymore on twitter, because your fans will bump your DM telling you to post tweets because they are missing you.


Viral Post: Here you will get all your tweets to the top of so many peoples timeline, and will get a minimum of 100 likes and atleast 50 followers in 24 hours, this will be possible through retweets from top Influencers on twitter. Price #5000 per month.

Internet marketer: Here you will get all the above listed features on the viral post package and at same time start monetizing the traffics coming to your twitter handle, you will be thought how to sell digital goods on twitter and we will send a list of digital goods that is on demand to you, ranging from Instagram aged accounts to other services like Instagram followers, they is nothing to be scared about because one transaction will change your online Game, price #10,000 per month.

Trial package: Are you a type of person that would want to try something before venturing into it, here is a nice bait for you, our trial package will boost your tweets withing 24 hours to confirm its working well. They are into three places, that of A tweet, Two tweets and Three tweets respectively.

One tweets: Costs #500

Two tweets: Costs #1000

Three tweets: Costs #1,500

To contact us, our Whatsapp number is +2347069636946