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White woman calls police for an African American man

Today is another episode of what is going on twitter. A video has been trending over a woman that lied to the cops, that an African American man is threatening her life. The man known as Mr cooper only told the woman to leach her Dog in the central park and she resisted, so Christian cooper a Harvard graduate started recording her, then she said; “I will call the cops and tell them that An African American man is threatening my life”

This incident happened yesterday on Monday 25th May 2020. Mr cooper’s sister Posted it online and the video has been watched 20 million times, see video below

So many black Americans have been killed by the cops through incidents like this one. You can see a lot of tweets from blacks slamming her, to an extent, her boss gave her an administrative leave. They don’t condone racist like Amy Cooper in their company. Her boss Mr Frankling Templeton said this on his tweet;

When the Police arrived to the park Mr Cooper was no longer there so the police took the information to CNN where the woman came out to say that she want’s to Apologize to everybody, that she is not a racist. “I’m not a racist. I did not mean to harm that man in any way,” Amy Cooper said. “I think I was just scared.

The supposed dog is no longer under her custody it has been taken by the rescue she got it from.

The core problem here is, Mrs Cooper is at the verge of loosing her job. But another man would have just lost his life like other blacks that died from the hands of racist and they was no video to present if they were right or not. People sharing their opinions and none has ever favored this woman. She did what is wrong and should be punished for her bad actions.

In summary, I don’t see this as the first, second, or the third time she has done something like this. She should be investigated, more details can be drafted out from her work place. At least for the safety of other blacks that work with her. The leave will serve as a better punishment so that her lessons will be learnt by other people like herself, that practice things like this.


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