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Cynthia Morgan and Jude Okoye's deal

Cynthia Morgan talks about her deal with Jude Okoye

The Nigerian Raggae dancehall singer Cynthia morgan was interviewed on a Live instagram video by Sandra Ogbebor popularly know as up front with sandra, Cynthia morgan reviewed that Jude Okoye the elder brother to Peter and Paul Okoye, took her stage name, Instagram handle and left her broke.

This accusation by Cynthia Morgan was backed by Peter Okoye on twitter, he said;

Cynthia is said to have left the Northside Inc record label owned by Jude Okoye in 2018 without completing her contracts over some personal problems, which she didn’t disclose to the general public and on the Instagram video she said that if Jude was taken to court, that she will win the case. Watch video below

On the other hand a Nigerian super star known as May D was with square record label before he left over a problem I’m sure about. He said;

Looking at the whole information on this trend you will understand that this isn’t just a child’s play I think they is more to be explained by Jude Okoye which I will share with you here keep reading.

But during this pandemic people still stretched out their hands to help Cynthia Morgan come out from her critical condition, legendary Sandra Ogbebor opened a Gofundme.com account for people that wants to assist Cynthia Morgan fall back to her music career.

Cynthia Morgan promised that she will come back stronger if she is given an apartment and mobility in Lagos, I think that’s one of the reasons people are sending her money at least for her up keep.

Big Brother Naija popular celebrity “Tacha” is a fan of Cynthia Morgan, she promised to promote her projects and new songs free, On her tweet she said;

As time stood still, Davido the DMW boss reached out to Cynthia Morgan to call him on phone, that he got an Anthem for them both. To me this could be a clap back to Cynthia Morgan for an incident that happened in 2015 when Cynthia Morgan dissed David Adeleke for saying that lil kesh is the only artist that deserves the Next rated award.

I’m not sure if Davido is trying to be nice to her or teach her some lessons but which ever way, till the song is out then I can update this article and edit some of my comment regarding Davido on this case. Later that day Tunde ednut had a Live instagram video with Jude Okoye Cynthia Morgan’s boss said;

For what he said, I think he is defending himself, saying that Cynthia Morgan tried to make it on her own and failed, then came back to blame him. The video says it all.

Below is my best Cynthia Morgan track that made me know her, although I didn’t know her stage name but the song was streamed by my neighbor in school. Tacha love the song too

My opinion, let everything be in the past, we are losing good artistes, the problem with Nigerian music Industry is embedded selfishness. Look at the kinds of Sugar Boy the “hola hola” crooner is no where to be found. We should be more concerned on the contents these Youths provide than how they are treated, if a record label decides to give up an artistes career let some other managers accept them.

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