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Corona virus is critical in lagos, Stay private.

I saw a lot of panic on twitter, people scared about the 32 recorded cases in Lagos. Due to the current situation in Lagos, citizens are forced to stay indoors. Despite the hype 2020 got last year. It turned to be a year that cannot be forgotten. Different religions, run back to their gods for help, this is beyond human. hope God saves us from this pandemic, this can wipe the whole of Lagos, and before the vaccine will get to our nation. The virus will catch up with a lot of people and the vaccine won’t be of use again, it doesn’t work on infected bodies.

The hour moves very slow for those at home, but it is better than getting infected. We need to take good measures of self-hygiene. It will be a bad omen if we die of a pandemic we know nothing about its origin. Nigeria is a very strong nation, and Lagos is the “center of excellence”. Looks like top cities in Nigeria and the United States of America got infected, New York is the Lagos of USA. And they are they have the worst cast in America.

Trust Nigerians when it is time to play. The coronavirus has been subjected to a football league, and Lagos is topping the league with 32 points. This can be funny, but its not the right time to crack jokes.

The Nigerian government is yet to give their citizen the supposed 5000 Naira they promised. How is an average Nigerian, that can’t source for resources, going to survive? Hunger can also be a virus, and this virus takes no orders. The government needs to fasten its move before Nigerian citizens will start indulging in illicit acts. Staying safe, without food, money, internet, airtime, etc. They are nothing good about the lockdown, please be guided not to put yourself into trouble. Nobody will come for you, and patience should a be priority.

It is not our fault. Our nation is not right in their decisions, if they can’t provide for their citizens. Its only God that can save us. Believe and don’t panic too much if you are in Lagos.

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  • Charles

    April 18, 2020 at 11:19 am

    Nigeria is in a very bad situation, the government is something else. No food, we are starving, life is very difficult for us. This whole lock down self, I don’t understand.


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