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Valentine’s day is by the corner shoot your shots now

So many of us didn’t receive any New year message, this is valentine again, another gbege for us. I will be in my house looking at twitter that’s all i got, But for those that have alot to do that day, i have crafted out some pretty faces for you.

These girls are putting me on a long thing, see pretty girl asking us to name her after a fruit, she looks like a Mango, i love her hairs though, she must eat my dough, if i will be opportune to leave my computer that day, if not then i will leave her for some other guys to shoot their Shot.

Its hers so she should be in love with it, although some guys are not taking it friendly with her, one guy already dictated some rashes on the ass, but i can’t see any neither, but its all love from here, her ass is cool and nice for valentine, no choice you know na.

Apart from the sea the only thing i can see is a ship and her butt, she is set too, hang around her, she might be from your state or street, all a home delivery can work out on the valentines day. keep an Eye close, don’t miss this opportunity friends.

Such a great caption with lots of reactions below that tweet, although her forehead would have been a barrier, but she is cute after all, i love the look on her face, such a beauty.

Another problem have arrived, She is at owners risk right now, so you should be careful, my advise is for you to smash and run that’s just it, don’t dull on this one because all your time will be spent on her alone, please be guided, that caption shows that the devil is a lair.

She just touched the lion’s tail. The hate on this tweet is very real, and i can foresee her forehead, its something else, should could be related with Mbah somehow, forgive me though lol. Hate aside, the girl is pretty too and very good looking, we are not heading forward to the forehead, Rather i will only need a head from her and i will be good for the valentine’s day..,

Being sure of yourself, is a good thing in life, she all love the look of herself, Maybe from the mirror or someone might have told her the truth, the beauty is so plenty, i love it.

Hmm, Ask her anything and she will answer, i went through her comments and a guy asked ” why do you look this fine” And she replied that she is not that fine, but its just her look on Snapchat, This girl set, but i don’t think she is a Nigerian.

Get yourself a cute lawyer, if you want to win that case that has been bothering you, Its simple, Just ball her on valentine’s day, take her to nice places and also look nice to her, you might win her heart and boom she is all yours.

Sister, its not by big breast, that Olympus looks like a fallen one, i don’t judge if i have not touched, so we have heard from the horses mouth, if you want to proof her wrong then go and try, hope you last one hour.

This is where i rap it up for the day, so please say something intelligent, not only for her but also for this post, help a Nairalander. Cheers.

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