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Wizkid ft Davido – Made In Lagos Album

My day started with the biggest trend on twitter the wizkid fc, the only Fc i won’t advice my daughter to have any problem with, they are warriors on twitter. It all began when wizkid dropped his first tweet, that says “To see my sons smile brighten every grey sky”

Oooh people like myself, that will need something to keep me busy while waiting for the great Album. Please wizkid drop an artwork lets see please, the wait is getting longer, might loose my patience. Apparently Wizkid dropped another tweet that got the likes of Maleek Berry to quote on the tweet and said “when they hear this one” as caption.

But on the other hand #madeinlagos is everywhere on twitter with over 10.7k tweets, currently the #3 on all trends in Nigeria but from the look of things i predict it will make it’s way to the #1 trend because the pressure is hot and wizkid fc is involved too. here are some tweets under this trend.

Here is where my topic is coming from, the photo remembered me of something long ago. So using it as my post topic is a nice idea. #Madeinlagos would be Wizkid top-notch body of work of all time. It will lasted for the next decade.

There lots of tweets to be seen from this but lets keep waiting for the album till it drops.

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