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Wolves Vs Liverpool premier league match highlights

Its another Premier league Game and a tough one for that matter, we have gone through twitter to provide you with the most relevant updates you need to know before the match kicks off. Before i proceed who is going to win this Game, My prediction goes to liverpool, please drop yours on the comment sections.

Here are the list of people that will start the first half for liverpool

The joy of seeing Mane starting the game is a bright feeling for the liverpool fans, hope he scores upto two goals as a fan pleads, that he wants mane to score two goals.

The wolves team has a better line up strategy but the game will determine which one works out better.

Goal!!!! it has just happened like i predicted before the match started that liverpool Fc it going to win this game.

This is how they scored the goal, it came from a corner kick by Trent then headed by Henderson and the assist is from Alexander Arnode. A win for Liverpool against Wolves tonight would see them restore their 16-point lead at the top of the Premier League. Why are they so far ahead?

A sad news to see that Mane is out of the game, here is the reason why

Goal!!!! 1-1 Wolves equalise with a lovely team goal! Jimenez plays out wide to Traore, who then puts in a perfect cross for the striker to head home. Watch the goal below and Enjoy

Goal!!!! great strike from bobby, the reds are back again my prediction is superb. I think the Wolves have bitten more livers than they can chew.

Its over……. Wolves 1-2 liverpool

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