Chelsea vs Arsenal highlights

Yesterday’s Game Between chelsea and Arsenal has made top of the twitter trend and has been there for over some hours, without any interference. Both team got entitled to a 2-2 draw, which shows how tough the game was.

Jorginho scored for Chelsea in the 28th minute of the match with a penalty shoot out, considering the red card that was given to david luiz for wrong marking an opponent. Within a 40 minutes play, Martinelli Equalized for the Arsenal team, Frank Lampard said that the goal was conceded as a result of a Error.

So as the game got more tremendous views on twitter it got lots of reactions from different people regarding the goal from Arsenal team.

Trend not yet over and the Chelsea side scored another goal in 84 minutes and the scorer is Cesar azpilicueta making the game 2-1, All hope lost for Arsenal team and fans

People cried out, how could their club disappoint them this way, just at the brink of the game, and all they could see was catastrophe but words like Never Give Up are still in existence, Before the Arsenal team could finish healing from their pains, Ballerin changed the game into a success for Arsenal by scoring another Goal at 87 minutes.

Game has balanced but i don’t think they should be any other magic that was expected to happen but they are some funny comments that got my eye on twitter just like this

And david luiz was caught on the Camera watching the end of the match in chelsea dressing room.

These are the few highlights we arranged for you, please share your thoughts with us thanks.

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