Who is the savior of the world. (Bomboclaat)

On this week collection of “Bomboclaat” Tweets, i have about 10 tweets that will crack your ribs with the caption Bomboclaat keep scrolling down.

This one in particular got me laughing, it remembers me of the time, i was in elementary class this is exactly how i will react to such incident.

Everybody can relate to this about ladies visiting a guy’s house for the first time, the way they keep themselves very humble like they can’t say a word, even when you talk to them, they will drop a short response. But the second time they will be the first to sleep on your bed lol.

I actually did this as a child, and still ongoing now that i’m an adult, whenever i make a new friend i will sleep on bed to think about them all night, but the funny part is, when i see them again i will behave like nothing happened.

This is the question of the day, i’m finished here, don’t know what to say about this but let’s look into other people’s opinion on this,

I think this is okay for her.

Among all other Bomboclaats, this tweet has more reactions than others, how could she hide your credit card inside her bra.

For those of us that will travel out of the country, this will be portion, from friends and family please don’t ignore them, but you will reply and get tired, just move on with your life, the same way you moved out of Nigeria.

Primary school days, i don’t pray for this kinds of friends, they will put you on tension mode, but they are the best you could imagine.

This guy is high to the core, how could he think of such a tweet, my twitter peeps are so amazing.

Looking at his username, it says it all, but this will be everyone’s reaction if it were to be you.

Twitter is the end of hypertension, i’m short of words, don’t get it twisted, how will i be re leaved from getting sacked.

Thus, it’s the end of bomboclaat share your thoughts and comment your Best bomboclaat.

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