Does Patriarchy Make a woman who is cheated on a clown

Today is about the biggest post i have seen on twitter for a very long while, this tweet has done so well more than any other influencer has quoted on.

Patriarchy as taking orders from men or being under control of men, is the argument going on in this big tweet. Most times the women are been seen as Clowns after being cheated by men, although the ladies claim like its not their business and put the feelings that they’ve moved on with their life, they still get hurt by the reaction of men turning the whole love journey into a laughing stock.

I love the reply by @Thahomiemargs most ladies know that their spouse is cheating on them but due to the kind of community surrounding them. They don’t want anyone to know their relationship status with their mates so they get ahead, to keep it that way after quarreling about it, they make over and still continue in the relationship. Thus the problem follows from here, Because your Husband or wife may now feel like they are safe over the supposed crime.

Just like the case of cardi B, After being said that her Husband Off-set cheats on her with Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend, she came out on social media to defend her husband that he never cheated on her rather his twitter account was hacked, and probably the sender might have been the hacker and it was deleted around 1:00 am.

After the blame, some of her fans had tried to oppose the motion on Cardi B for being a clown about protecting her Marriage and her Family, but the controversy still continues.

To the men Pride is not in anyway for you, if you think you are right or wrong, still behave yourself and beg your partner for a second chance, to keep the relationship going, without Passing through any heartbreak of any kind.

To round it up on this Tweet let us look at these opinion Above about people enjoying her pain, And nobody knows what may happen in their on-going relationship, nobody stays true for their spouse, no trust anymore so just keep shut and mind your relationship though.

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